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Dawn 'The Pet Nanny'


Our foster kittens at 3-4 weeks old. Sam is in the first picture.

Q What are the benefits of using 'The Pet Nanny' instead of a kennels or


  • Your pets get to stay at home where they feel safe and secure in their own environment.
  • No stressful travelling.
  • You don't need to make sure vaccinations are up to date
  • Less risk of your pet picking up fleas or other infections such as cat flu and kennel cough.
  • Your pets will receive one on one attention.
  • Better for pets who are indoor only, older or just not keen on socialising.
  • Dogs can be walked and exercised.
  • Security and piece of mind for you as your house is being checked regularly.

Q What if I have a bird avery or a fish tank full of fish, how will I be charged?

All service levels provided include up to 3 pets in the price. A small avery/fishtank counts as one animal, a large aviary/fishtank counts as 2 animals.

Q Can I arrange for my dog to visit the groomers before I return home?

For an additional cost I can take your pet to their usual groomers or I can provide basic grooming or washing services (brush and trim around paws, eyes etc.)

Q My dog is not good with strangers. Can you still provide a service?

I would be able to asses your dog on my first visit and from there recommend what I can do to provide you with a service; whether it is several 'get to know your dog visits' before you go, or some basic training techniques to help with socialising.

Q What if my pets become unwell or is injured while I am away?

I would contact you immediately but if you were not available then call your second contact. Once advised I would then contact your named vet (named in the initial consultation). I am trained in administering medication if required and I would do extra visits in accordance with the vets advice.

Q Have you been Police Checked?

Yes, both my husband and I went through police checks when emigrating, I have also had a recent Australian Police check done as well. I would like to assure you that both your pets and your house will be in safe hands while you are away.

Q Do you look after animal such as Horses, Goats or Chickens?

Yes, and I do have clients with all the above. I myself have been a horse owner in the past with experience riding dressage and jumping.